Why register a .org domain name?

Corner the Market for your Brand

For over 30 years .org has withstood the test of time, becoming a must-have TLD for for any brand looking to establish itself as a true player with deep roots in the online world! It's the Han to Luke and Leia, the Hermione to Harry and Ron, the Triforce of Courage to the Triforces of Wisdom and Power, the Simon to Alvin and Theodore!

It's the Go-To Domain for Non-Commercial Websites

There's no better way to build confidence, credibility, and assurance you aren't trying to sell something than with a .org domain. Use it for nonprofits, charities, and volunteer organizations; or for existing sites and established companies. What better place for philanthropic info and humanitarian deeds than a .org domain? They're also great for clubs, sports teams, religious organizations, open-source projects, and more!

It's perfect for…

Anyone, actually! It's a common misconception that .org domains are reserved for things like nonprofit organizations. And while they do tend to have more of a non-commercial 'slant' to them, anyone is free to register a .org, no matter what content you plan to host. So go right ahead and ORG IT UP, BABY!

Add email or hosting to get online today!

Along with your new .org domain name, you'll most likely want email, hosting or both. Getting your .org site or newemail@newaddress.org is easy with DreamHost.


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