What is Cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting refers to purchasing a domain name associated with a trademark or an individual without the intention of using it. The primary goal of cybersquatting is to get trademark owners to pay high fees for the associated domain.

More About Cybersquatting

Domain squatting is a relatively common problem for businesses and regular people. Users will often purchase domains with the sole intention of “squatting.” Their primary goal is to get a profit when re-selling the domain to the owner of the original trademark or name. An example of domain squatting would be purchasing a property such as “google1.com” intending to pressure Google to buy it from you.

In practice, many users buy domains related to startups, growing businesses, and famous individuals, hoping that their value will increase as their fame increases. Other squatters purchase domains for malicious purposes. These goals typically focus on getting visits from users that mistype URLs and spamming them or trying to infect them with malware.

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