What is the Domain Aftermarket?

A domain aftermarket is a secondary marketplace where users can buy and sell domains that they own. Secondary marketplaces tend to be more expensive than registrars because owners use them to sell valuable or unused domains.

More About the Domain Aftermarket

Standard domain markets are direct registrars and web hosting services. These companies provide domain name registration services at cost or for relatively low prices (depending on which TLD you’re interested in).

Domain aftermarkets are less-regulated platforms. Depending on which aftermarket you visit, you might find expired domains and “premium” names. Some domain names can cost thousands of dollars (or much more) depending on how popular they are or any name associations that users might make.

If you can’t find an available domain name that you like, you can always check out aftermarket platforms to see what other options are available. However, keep in mind that aftermarket domain names tend to be much more expensive on average than available .com options (or most other TLDs).

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