What is Domain Kiting?

Domain kiting is the process of registering and deleting a domain name in order to own the domain without paying for it. It involves exploiting the five-day grace period that registrars give customers to cancel their domain name registration.

More About Domain Kiting

Domain kiting is considered to be a form of cybercrime. It can be used for malicious purposes, such as phishing or spamming.

People who do this can register thousands of domain names and then use them to send out spam emails or set up phishing websites. These websites can be used to collect personal information from people who visit them.

Domain kiting can also be used for non-malicious purposes, such as testing a new website or product. People who do this may register a domain name and then delete it after they have finished testing. While this may seem like a legitimate practice, it can still be considered to be domain kiting.

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