What is a gTLD?

Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) is the standard Top-Level Domains (TLD). “.com” is the most popular gTLD, but “.org”, “.net”, and other similar extensions fall under this same classification.

More About gTLDs

gTLDs were originally invented to categorize websites according to their content and features. There are now 21 gTLD varieties separated into four main categories: generic, generic restricted, infrastructure, and sponsored.

Generic gTLDs (such as “.com” and “.net”) are applicable to any website type. In contrast, generic restricted gTLDs, including “.biz” and “.pro”, need to be used for their intended purposes. “.arpa” is the only infrastructure option, and it simply helps maintain the DNS infrastructure.

Finally, sponsored gTLDs, like “.edu”, “.gov”, and “.mil”, are designed for and restricted to specific industries such as government organizations, educational bodies, and military websites.

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