What is a Pending Transfer?

After requesting a domain transfer to a new domain registrar, the service will show a Pending Transfer status. Essentially, this message means that the global registry has initiated the domain transfer but is waiting for the current registrar or owner to approve the transfer and release the domain.

More About Pending Transfers

Transferring a domain involves changing its ownership. Although this process is straightforward, it requires security checks to ensure authorized domain transfers.

When a domain is “Pending Transfer,” the domain owner is sent a confirmation email to verify their identity and allow them to personally approve the change in ownership. The transfer won’t continue until the new registrar gains this approval.

A “Pending Transfer” status can also indicate that the current domain registrar is initiating a transfer to the new registrar. A transfer may fail if the domain owner doesn’t respond to the confirmation email or if the current registrar rejects the request.

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