What is Reverse Domain Hijacking?

Reverse domain hijacking occurs when a cyber attacker attempts to take control of a domain by making false claims that it belongs to them. These highjackers can make their claims through the domain registrar, directly with ICANN, or via other official pathways.

More About Reverse Domain Hijacking

Reverse domain hijacking is often used to gain control over a valuable domain name that the hijacker cannot purchase or register through legitimate means. The hijacker may hope to use the domain for their own purposes, or simply sell it to the highest bidder.

This unique breed of hijacker turns regulatory systems against the very users they are intended to protect. This means the rightful owner can lose control over a legitimate domain. In some cases, the hijacker may also be able to get the original owner’s contact information removed from the WHOIS database.

Reverse domain hijacking is a form of cybersquatting, and can require a costly and time-consuming process to resolve.

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