What is a 404?

A 404 error is an HTTP status code that indicates that the page a user is trying to access does not exist. 404 errors can occur for a wide variety of reasons, but they almost always lead to a poor User Experience (UX).

More About 404s

The 404 error is often called the “404 Not Found” error, because when it occurs, the message may say “404 Not Found” or “The page you are looking for could not be found”. In this scenario, the page may have been deleted or moved, or it might have never existed. Often, users encounter this error due to a simple typo. However, a 404 error can also happen when a web host’s servers are interrupted. Therefore, if a user encounters a 404 error, the best course of action is to double check that the URL entered is correct. When a website owner encounters this error on their own site, they might want to get in touch with their hosting provider. 404 error pages can display custom messages and content. It’s a good idea to include a contact form on these pages. That way, visitors can let the website owner know when a page is down.

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