What is a Backup?

A website backup is a partial or complete copy of its data. A comprehensive backup can include an exact replica of a site, encompassing its databases, code files, extensions, and more. For added security, backups are often saved using cloud storage.

More About Backups

Creating backups can help protect a website in the case of a cyber attack or data breach. A backup allows for the recovery of a previous site version in an emergency. Most cybersecurity professionals recommend frequent, comprehensive backups, especially for high-risk or high-stake websites (such as e-commerce sites). However, users can opt to create less expansive backups that contain only the essential information. Some web hosts offer automatic backup services, while others require users to maintain manual backups independently. Furthermore, there are plenty of security plugins that can provide this service for any WordPress website. Backup maintenance is also essential since redundant copies can cause storage issues.

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