What is a Brute-Force Attack?

A brute-force attack is a cyber assault where the attacker uses trial-and-error to break into an online account. It is typically carried out by malicious bots that attempt to guess passwords, general login credentials, or digital keys.

More About Brute-Force Attacks

A brute-force attack is also sometimes referred to as “exhaustive key search”. Brute-force attack encompasses different types of assaults, including simple brute-force attacks, dictionary attacks, hybrid brute-force attacks, and reverse brute-force attacks. Attackers who employ these strategies simply calculate every possible combination for the credentials they are trying to crack. Sophisticated brute-force attackers can penetrate encrypted systems. Data obtained in a brute-force attack is often used for nefarious acts such as fraud, identity theft, and credential recycling. However, online users can protect sensitive data by limiting login attempts in a specific time frame or using CAPTCHA tests to keep bots away.

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