What is oEmbed?

oEmbed is a format for embedding one website’s content on another webpage. It allows websites to embed content like photos, videos, and tweets so that the user can access the content without visiting another URL.

More About oEmbed

The oEmbed format is used by websites such as Twitter to allow embedded tweets in blog posts. Flickr also uses it for embedded photos and videos, and Google Maps embeds map data.

oEmbed works by creating an exchange between two websites. The site embedding the content is called the consumer, and it makes an HTTP request to the provider. The provider is the site that owns the content. It responds by turning the content into structured data on the consumer’s page.

The exact way oEmbed is used depends heavily on how your site is built. For example, with WordPress sites, you can paste a URL from an oEmbed-supported platform into the editor. This link will automatically transform into a piece of embedded content.

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