What are Permissions?

In web hosting, permissions are essential security features that enable users to control who can read, write, and execute files. These settings create a safe and secure hosting environment for multiple websites on one server.

More About Permissions

There are four main types of access users can have to a file. Users might have no access to a file (classified as ‘no permissions’), which means they cannot see, use or modify it.

Users can also have permission to read the file, which means they can see it but can’t do anything. ‘Write’ permission means that the user can modify the file, and ‘execute’ permits them to use it.

Different permissions apply to different groups of users. For example, a file’s owner may be allowed to read, write, and execute, with other people only able to read it.

Most web hosting dashboards will have a File Manager that enables you to set permissions for different files.

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