What is a Redirect Loop?

A redirect loop is a condition where a web server keeps redirecting a web browser to the same page, making it unable to load any other pages.

More About Redirect Loops

When a web browser tries to access a page on a website, the web server looks for the page in its file system. If the page is not found, the server will return a 404 error. If the page is found, the server will return the contents of the page to the browser.

In some cases, the server may be configured to redirect the browser to another page if the page is not found. For example, the server may be configured to redirect all requests for HTML pages to PHP pages.

If the server is incorrectly configured, it may keep redirecting the browser to the same page, creating a redirect loop.

Redirect loops can be difficult to debug because they can happen for a variety of reasons. The first step in debugging a redirect loop is to check the web server’s error logs. The error logs will contain information about why the server is redirecting the browser.

Once the cause of the redirect loop has been identified, it can be fixed by reconfiguring the web server or changing the website’s code.

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