What is a Bot?

A bot is a program designed to automate specific tasks. For example, search engines use bots to crawl the web following links to map and index new pages.

More About Bots

The term “bot” encompasses a broad range of computer programs. Typically, a bot is any program designed to carry out specific and repetitive tasks. Search engines use bots to help index new pages, and they’re also common in live chat applications.

A lot of businesses use bots to reply automatically to customer questions. In these scenarios, bots can provide pre-written responses depending on the issues customers need help with. Although bots can’t handle complex queries, they can route requests to knowledgebase entries and filter tickets to human support agents.

Bots are also common in malware. Some common examples of malware bots include programs designed to brute-force their way into websites or re-route traffic to specific pages.

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