What is Comment Spam?

Comment spam is when either users or bots submit comments to promote another website, product, or service. For most websites that enable comments, spam can be a significant problem.

More About Comment Spam

Comment spam can be a problem for any website that enables users to contribute to discussions. These sites include blogs, social media platforms, forums, review websites, etc.

Typically, bots create most of the comment spam and use it to link to unrelated or malicious websites, services, and products.

In many cases, comment spam can be outright dangerous if it links to external sites. Even if the spam doesn’t include URLs, it can derail the conversation and make your website seem untrustworthy.

There are tools designed to help prevent comment spam on websites by blocking known malicious IPs and comments that include links or specific words. If you enable comments on your website, we recommend also using anti-spam software.

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