What is a Correlation?

Correlation refers to an apparent connection, association, or relationship between two or more things. In SEO strategy, marketers often consider ‘correlation studies’ when optimizing online content for better search engine rankings.

More About Correlations

You may have heard the famous warning, “correlation is not causation.” That’s because it’s much easier to identify correlation than eliminate the possibility of coincidence and confirm a cause.

Correlative statistics are primarily speculative, so they can be misleading or inaccurate. On the other hand, they can sometimes shed light on new phenomena or facts. This is true in any field, including SEO.

SEO practitioners would be wise to proceed with caution when making decisions based on correlation alone.

For example, correlation studies may highlight ideal anchor text or backlink profiles without directly attributable evidence to back up their claims. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider any new data source and make informed assessments.

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