What is Crawling?

In SEO, ‘crawling’ is when a search engine bot looks through web pages so they can later be indexed and eventually ranked. These bots are often called ‘crawlers’ or ‘spiders’. They closely review anything they can find on a page.

More About Crawling

When a search engine bot crawls a web page, it reviews all content and code that it can find. This includes plain text, images and alt text, links, etc.

Crawlers note any links found on a site and crawl those pages too. In this way, site owners can create a link path for crawlers. To help bots crawl a website more quickly and efficiently, you might consider creating an XML sitemap.

When crawling is finished, search engine bots will store and ‘index all the data they’ve found. After that, they will use this information to determine a site’s ranking.

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