What is a Deep Link?

A ‘deep link’ is a URL that leads to any page that isn’t a website’s homepage. It is essential in backlinking strategy and maintaining a balanced ‘deep link ratio’.

More About Deep Links

Deep links that lead to a non-homepage are helpful for a balanced backlinking strategy. The term ‘deep link ratio’ looks at the number of total inbound links to a site compared to the number of inbound links to its homepage.

Deep link ratio is often referred to when discussing whether a homepage has too many inbound links. There is no evidence that a site’s deep link ratio affects its ranking, but it is likely a good factor to consider. Therefore, it may make more sense to link to a sign-up page or a customer support page in many cases.

It’s also important to note that another type of deep linking is not directly relevant for search engine ranking but is popular in digital marketing and sales. A deep link can also refer to a web link that leads users to a page in an application.

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