What Does Disavow Mean?

A site owner can use the Google Disavow Links Tool to ‘disavow’ harmful links. This term means they request that Google disregard certain backlinks to their site when determining its ranking.

More About Disavow

Typically, site owners request to disavow links because they are victims of unethical link schemes.

For example, suppose a spammer keeps dropping a credible site’s link in its own comment section as a fraudulent backlinking tactic. In that case, these links can make the credible site appear questionable. When a spam page links to a legitimate website, this can also put an innocent site in jeopardy.

These ‘black hat’ linking strategies can cause Google to think that a site isn’t complying with its terms of agreement. When this happens, a website can be hit with a penalty. This can have serious adverse effects on a site’s SEO, causing it to drop in the rankings.

You can disavow links through the Google Search Console. This process is straightforward but requires a few steps. Therefore, it should only be used when it is truly necessary.

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