What is Dwell Time?

‘Dwell time’ measures the time a user spends assessing a page they’ve discovered in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It begins the moment they click on a page and ends when they return to the SERPs or click out of the page.

More About Dwell Times

Dwell time is sometimes referred to as ‘long clicks’. It measures how long (or how little time) a user spends considering the relevance and usefulness of a site before deciding to click through to another page or try their luck with another search result.

Dwell time is sometimes confused with ‘bounce rate’ or ‘session duration’, but all three metrics are very different. Bounce rate refers to the number of ‘single-page’ visits on a site, while ‘session duration’ represents, well, how long the average user spends on your site.

The key difference with dwell time is that engagement with the SERPs marks the time. Essentially, the timer starts on the SERPs and ends back in the same place.

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