What is a Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet is a summary of a web page. Usually, it consists of a few sentences or a short paragraph that is extracted from the page by a search engine to provide a concise answer to a user’s query.

More About Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are typically displayed at the top of search results pages, above any organic results. They also usually include a link to the original page in the search results.

When a search engine showcases a featured snippet in response to a user’s query, it is said to have “triggered” the featured snippet. A featured snippet may be triggered by different types of searches, including navigational (searches using specific keywords or phrases), informational (questions asked in natural language), and transactional (commercial queries).

Featured snippets are designed to give users quick and easy access to information from web pages. They can be very useful for finding specific information or for getting a quick overview of a topic.

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