What is Google Hummingbird?

Google Hummingbird is the code name given to a search algorithm introduced by Google. It was first announced in September 2013. Hummingbird is designed to better understand the intent of searches and to give more relevant results for complex queries.

More About Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird is different from the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates because it focuses on the meaning of the whole search query, rather than individual words. This means that Hummingbird can better understand search intent, even if the query consists of multiple keywords or entirely new terminology. It helps SEO by providing Google with a more accurate and meaningful way of matching search queries with relevant results.

In addition to improving understanding of complex queries, Hummingbird also enables Google to provide more accurate results for voice searches. Since voice search queries tend to be longer and more natural-sounding than typed queries, they can be more difficult for traditional search algorithms to understand.

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