What is Google's Panda Update?

Google Panda was an update to the Google search algorithm that aimed to minimize webspam making it into the search results. This change attempted to reduce the search rankings of content farms and other low-quality websites.

More About Google's Panda Update

Google Panda was first launched in 2011 to try to bring high-quality sites back to the top of the search engine results pages.

Previously, content farms were ranking higher because they prioritized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) over quality content for online readers. The new Panda algorithm aimed to target these content farms, as well as thin content, duplicate posts, and pages with a large amount of paid advertising.

The goal was to boost rankings for deserving sites that feature original, informative, and well-researched content. Its quality guidelines screened for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Panda can sometimes target user-generated content, but typically only if it’s spam guest posts or other low-quality content.

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