What is Google's RankBrain Update?

RankBrain is a machine-learning algorithm that helped Google better understand a user’s intent in searches. It is artificial intelligence that discovers the topical relevance of a search and learns how to provide better results in the future.

More About Google's RankBrain Update

RankBrain was originally released in 2015 and only applied to 15 percent of all searches, which were queries that Google hadn’t received before. Now, it impacts every search result on Google.

Essentially, Google’s algorithm attempts to give results from your query based on your intent. Before RankBrain was introduced, Google didn’t have context for new queries, so it was difficult to gain accurate results. RankBrain’s machine-learning algorithm can determine the context of queries by taking into account personalization, location, and keywords.

When it sees an unfamiliar search, RankBrain can guess words with a similar meaning, making it an effective resource for new queries. This helps Google understand the true intent of searches in order to provide more relevant results.

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