What is Information Architecture?

Information architecture is the science of organizing, labeling, and interlinking content in a way that makes it easy to find and use. In the context of SEO, information architecture refers to both the structure of a website’s contents and how that content is linked together.

More About Information Architecture

The goal of information architecture is to help users find what they need in the most efficient way possible. There are several different elements to consider for information architecture:

  • Structure: This has to do with how the website will be organized overall and what kind of hierarchy will be used.
  • Navigation: Every website must provide users with a way to get around; this includes elements such as menus and footer links.
  • Labeling: This is as simple as the naming convention for each element in a navigation menu.
  • Search: Ideally, every website should have a search tool that users can turn to when they can’t find something.

An effective information architecture takes all of these elements into account and organizes the website in a way that makes sense for both the users and the business.

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