What is Link Juice?

‘Link juice’ is the informal term for ‘link equity’ or ‘link authority.’ In search engine optimization, it refers to the idea that a backlink transfers authority to the website it features.

More About Link Juice

As a ranking factor, link juice has a long history. It was one of the first factors considered by Google’s PageRank algorithm. Furthermore, Yahoo’s TrustRank assesses links similarly.

How much link equity is passed from one site to another depends on various considerations. These include relevance, authority, location on the page, and more.

As search engine ranking factors continue to expand and evolve, link juice has somewhat decreased in significance. However, it is still an essential element to consider when optimizing a website.

Some site owners may try to manipulate how much link juice is transferred by using nofollow tags that tell crawlers to ignore certain external links. However, this is usually not very effective because nofollow links can still contribute to domain authority and build awareness for the site in question.

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