What is Log File Analysis?

Log file analysis refers to assessing a website’s log files to gain insight into its search engine rankings. It can allow site owners to see how search engine bots engage with their pages when crawling and indexing content.

More About Log File Analysis

Log file analysis can reveal how a website is being crawled by search engine bots. For instance, it can tell you which web pages are being crawled the most and which are being overlooked. It might also bring your attention to pages that are loading slowly (potentially damaging the user experience).

Retrieving log files from your host’s control panel or using an FTP client can be relatively straightforward. However, analyzing this complex collection of data can be tricky.

Therefore, once you have a copy of your log file, you may want to use special software to analyze it. Popular options include the Semrush Log File Analyzer and the Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer.

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