Segment is a feature in Google Analytics that allows users to divide their visitors into groups based on criteria such as a user’s location, device type (mobile vs. desktop), or source of traffic (organic search, paid search, referral, social, email).

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More About Segments

Using segments in Google Analytics provides a wealth of benefits, from a more detailed understanding of user behavior to improved conversion tracking. Segments allow users to group different types of data and view it in comparison with other data points. This allows for an in-depth look at user behavior, giving marketers a better picture of the relationships between different sets of data, so that they can get more targeted insights.

Common Segments & Use Cases

Geographic Segment

Allows you to view data based on specific geographic locations.  This is useful for looking at data from a certain country, region, or city. By doing this, marketers can tailor their campaigns and content accordingly to better target audiences in each region.

Device Segment

This segment allows you to view data based on device type. This is helpful in understanding how customers are interacting with your website on different devices.

Demographic Segment

This segment allows you to evaluate data based on age and gender, allowing marketers to understand who is engaging with their website. This can be used to tailor content and campaigns to different audiences.

Behavioral Segment

This segment allows you to view data based on user actions. For example, it can show what pages a visitor has interacted with or how many times they have completed an action such as subscribing for a newsletter. This type of data can be used to understand how effective campaigns are and what content resonates with users.

Technology Segment

Allows you to view data based on the browser used, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome, as well as the device used, such as a laptop or tablet. This is useful for understanding how users are interacting with content on different devices and can be used to optimize user experience for each device or browser technology.

Acquisition Segment

Allows you to view data based on where the traffic came from, such as organic search, paid search, referral sources, etc. This is useful for understanding how users are finding your content and can be used to optimize campaigns for each source.

Suggested Segments

The Suggested Segments feature in Google Analytics 4 is a great option to further analyze and get insights about the data within your reports. It helps you identify trends or patterns in the data that you may have otherwise missed.

By taking advantage of this feature, you can gain an even greater understanding of how users are interacting with content on different devices or where they are finding it. This can help you optimize your website and marketing efforts to better suit different users, platforms, and sources.

Custom Segments

Custom Segments allow you to create your own segments, using conditions based on any combination of dimension values. For example, you could create a segment that’s composed of users who visited a specific page on a website more than three times in a given time period. You can also combine different dimensions and metrics to create segments that are targeted to your specific needs.

Custom Segments are extremely useful as they provide advanced insight into user behaviour that you wouldn’t otherwise get from the default analytics data. This makes it easier to track conversions, identify trends between users and content, and ultimately optimize campaigns for the best results.


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