What is Share of Voice?

Share of Voice (SOV) measures how well a website ranks for a particular set of keywords or concepts. This can be useful for identifying the competition and opportunity for a given topic when it comes to SEO.

More About Share of Voice

Share of voice is a broader form of keyword research that can help you identify how challenging it would be to compete for search engine rankings for certain topics. Share of voice can also give you a good idea for which websites have strong SEO for certain topics, enabling you to gain insight into what they are doing well or how you can outperform them.

In some scenarios, competing for an already highly competitive topic can be prohibitively challenging. For example, if a website has been dominating share of voice for certain keywords, it may be difficult to compete against them, given their established authority on that topic. Therefore, you might consider targeting long-tail keywords where increasing share of voice is more achievable.

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