What is Traffic?

Traffic’ or ‘web traffic’ refers to the number of online users who visit a website. This is usually determined by tracking the amount of sessions, or visits, a web page receives. More advanced metrics reveal more nuanced details about user behavior.

More About Traffic

A website’s performance can be evaluated by its web traffic. Tracking the volume of online visitors can help determine a website’s popularity, visibility, and growth. There are many metrics used to monitor web traffic. For instance, bounce rates reveal whether a user visits multiple web pages or not.

Examining web traffic can also involve determining conversion rates, which show the monetary success of e-commerce websites and individual products. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is another important metric when assessing a site’s traffic. This can evaluate the effectiveness of marketing methods, including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements.

Ultimately, traffic is just a starting point for analyzing a site’s visibility and engagement. By knowing the channels visitors come from, website owners can boost their organic traffic.

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