What is a URL Parameter?

URL parameters enable you to pass information about a click within the URL structure. This is also known as a ‘query string’ and resides after the question mark at the end of a URL.

More About URL Parameters

A URL parameter contains a key and a value which are separated by an equal sign (=). If there are multiple parameters appended to an URL, these are divided by an ampersand (&). The parameter can be content-modifying, which means that it will change the way the content is displayed on a page. For instance, a specific URL parameter can send users directly to a product page on an e-commerce website.

There are also tracking parameters, which can contain information about where the click came from, such as an ad campaign or newsletter. This type of URL parameter doesn’t modify the content display. URL parameters can also impact SEO because web crawlers might treat them as duplicate content. Additionally, these parameters can make URLs less readable and perceived as untrustworthy.

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