What is a Breadcrumb?

Breadcrumbs are web design elements that help users identify where they are within a website. A typical breadcrumb structure will show you what type of page you’re seeing or which category of topics you’re browsing.

More About Breadcrumbs

The goal of breadcrumbs is to simplify website navigation. Breadcrumbs make it easy for visitors to find the “parent” page for whatever type of content they’re browsing. Traditionally, breadcrumbs are located at the top of the screen below the main navigation menu.

If you have a website with a complex page structure, breadcrumbs can help to improve the User Experience (UX). Breadcrumbs can also help increase the amount of time users spend on-site by making it easy to find other pages they might want to visit.

Some examples of websites that can benefit from using breadcrumbs include online stores that sell multiple types of products and blogs that cover numerous topics.

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