What is a Grid?

A grid is a structure that evenly divides a website’s design into different sections. You can use a grid in the design process to develop proper spacing, alignment, and visual hierarchy.

More About Grids

Segmenting a web page into a grid can often help during its design process. It can create a more systematic approach to web design, rather than making random decisions about the placement of certain features. Using a grid, designers can better understand where to place nav menus, logos, body text, and images.

A column grid is a popular option that vertically breaks up the content on a page. It can include between 2 to 16 columns that divide the page evenly.

However, you can also use an asymmetrical column grid, which can help format larger and smaller sections together on one page. Finally, a modular grid can help organize products and other post types, making sure they’re all the same size.

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