What is a Heading?

A heading is a section title that summarizes the content that follows it. Headings can help readers navigate online content and understand what different sections will cover.

More About Headings

Headings come in different sizes, allowing content writers to easily give articles a readable structure. Without headings, users would have to read blocks of text without helpful context.

Since readers tend to scan online content first, it’s best to use headings. After reading informative headings, visitors will be able to navigate to the information they’re looking for quickly. Otherwise, they might be unwilling to read a long article without knowing its general purpose.

Plus, headings can improve a site’s accessibility. Screen readers can understand a heading’s HTML and read it aloud. This setup can enable visually impaired people to determine whether they want to read the article.

It’s also an SEO best practice, allowing search engines to understand the weight of a particular topic based on its hierarchy.

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