What is a Hex Code?

HEX is “a hexadecimal number.” This is a base 16 number, which means that there are 16 possible values for each digit. The digits 0-9 represent the values 0-9, while the letters A-F represent 10-15. In the context of web design, HEX is one format for color types.

More About Hex Codes

HEX outlines a system of color codes for web design and is often included in brand style guides. Rather than searching for a color by its name, you can simply enter the code. For example, #28efcb is a very bright aqua blue.

HEX numbers are also often used in CSS because they are easy to read and write. They are also easy to convert from one base to another.

For example, the number 1234 can be represented as 1*16^3 + 2*16^2 + 3*16^1 + 4*16^0 in base 10, or as 4D2 in base 16. This makes it easy to convert between the two bases.

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