What is an ID?

In HTML, the ID attribute specifies a unique identifier for an element. The value of the id attribute must be unique within the HTML document. JavaScript uses this ID to find and control the element.

More About IDs

The ID attribute is used to identify an element in HTML. It references an element in a JavaScript or CSS file.

You can use the ID attribute when you want to target a specific element with your CSS or JavaScript code. By giving an element an ID, you create a hook that can target that particular element with your code. This can be useful if you want to change the appearance or behavior of a single component on a page without affecting other elements.

The ID attribute can be used with any HTML element, not just ones with an opening and closing tag. For example, you can use the ID attribute on elements like the img tag, which doesn’t have a closing tag.

Finally, remember that the ID attribute’s value must be unique within the HTML document.

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