What is a JPG?

JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a file format for images. JPEG is one of the most common image file formats, along with PNG and GIF.

More About JPGs

JPG and JPEG files are usually smaller than other image file formats like TIFF or PNG. This lightness makes them ideal for sharing online or sending via email. They are often used for digital photos and web graphics.

There are also many benefits to using JPGs. The files are compressed, meaning they take up less space on a hard drive or other storage devices. This can be helpful when saving or transferring large numbers of images.

JPEGs are also universal. This term means they can be opened and viewed by virtually any image viewing program or device. Therefore, JPG is one of the most widely compatible file formats.

JPGs also tend to be high-quality. JPGs and JPEGs can often rival the quality of RAW image files.

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