What is letter-spacing?

Letter-spacing, also called tracking, is the space between letters in a text. It’s usually measured in points or pixels. Letter-spacing can be used to adjust the spacing of a text to achieve the desired effect.

More About letter-spacing

You might use letter-spacing to make a title stand out or fit more text into a limited space.

For example, you can use negative letter-spacing to create ‘tight’ text that packs together tightly. By contrast, positive letter-spacing can result in ‘loose’ text with more breathing room.

To change the letter-spacing of text in HTML, you can use the CSS property ‘letter-spacing’. You can also use the ‘line-height’ property to adjust the spacing between lines of text.

Letter-spacing is a helpful tool for creating visual effects on your web pages. By carefully adjusting the letter-spacing, you can make your text more legible or give it a unique look that makes it stand out.

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