What is line-height?

Line-height, also known as leading, is the vertical distance between lines of text. It’s commonly expressed as a percentage where 100% is equal to the font size.

More About line-height

The term leading (pronounced “ledding”) comes from the days of metal type. At that time, people inserted strips of lead between lines of type to increase the vertical space.

Line-height in CSS helps create readable, comfortable text by providing ample space between lines for the reader’s eyes to move. The ideal line-height will vary depending on the font-family, font size, and even the length of the lines of text.

If the line-height is too small, the text will feel cramped and difficult to read. However, if the line-height is too large, the text will feel disconnected and awkward to read. Therefore, finding the right balance of line height is crucial for creating readable text.

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