What is a Meta Tag?

A meta tag is an HTML element that contains information about a web page. Meta tags are not visible to users, but they provide essential information to search engines and web browsers.

More About Meta Tags

Meta tags include the title tag, meta description, keywords, and other metadata. This information helps search engines index and understand your web pages. It also enables web browsers to display your pages correctly and load them faster.

While all meta tags are important, some are more important than others. The most important meta tag is the page title, or title tag. It tells users and search engines what your page is about. Ideally, it should be unique and descriptive.

Additional meta tags include page descriptions, which provide a brief summary of the page’s content, and keywords. Keywords tell search engines what your page is about and help you rank for relevant phrases.

The other metadata meta tags provide information about the author, copyright, and further details of your web page. While these tags are not as important as the title and description, they still provide valuable information to search engines and web browsers.

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