What is a PNG File?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a type of uncompressed raster image designed for the web. By “raster image”, we mean that PNGs are pixel-based graphics.

More About PNG Files

PNG is a popular image format for websites. Over 62% of all websites use PNG images, and there are several reasons for that.

First of all, PNG is a lossless image format. That means you can compress the image without it losing quality.

Lossless compression results in smaller file sizes than alternatives such as JPG and GIF. Smaller image files are essential when working on a website as you’re bound to use many images, and they can slow down site loading times.

Secondly, PNG can handle high-contrast detailed images better than most file types. The one disadvantage to using PNGs is that they don’t support animation. You’ll want to opt for either SVG or GIF images for that use case.

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