What is RGB?

The Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) color system represents colors you can use on a computer. You can mix the three colors to replicate any color in the visual spectrum.

More About RGB

RGB is a color system that enables you to represent every color in the spectrum using a unique value. That value indicates how much red, green, and blue exist in the resulting color. Usually, RGB colors are represented by hexadecimal values.

For example, the hexadecimal value for a purple hue is #8411AA. When you convert that value to RGB, it translates to 132 red, 17 green, and 170 blue.

On a screen, every pixel has an RGB value. However, that value can vary depending on the screen’s color depth, which is represented in bits. 16-bit screens support approximately 65000 colors, whereas 32-bit ones support millions of color combinations.

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