What is the Rule of Thirds?

In web design, the rule of thirds is a technique that divides a screen or a frame into a nine-by-nine grid. That grid can help you arrange elements on a website in a visually pleasing way.

More About the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds divides any frame into a nine-by-nine grid. Research shows that most users prioritize looking at specific parts of the grid over others.

For example, the top-left corner of the screen gets most of the attention at first glance on most websites. That’s why it’s so common to use that corner of the screen to showcase your website’s logo and/or title.

The rule of thirds isn’t just a guide for helping you identify the best locations in which to place key elements. It can also help you set enough whitespace between elements, align them in a way that follows how users scan pages, and divide pages into multiple sections.

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