What is Usability?

In web design, usability describes a website’s ease of use. This involves building a user-centered design and interface that is fast, efficient, responsive, and accessible.

More About Usability

Usability is often an important element in retaining online visitors. The more usable a website is —or, the better the user experience (UX) — the less frustration visitors will feel when navigating its content.

To improve usability, you can make websites easy to navigate, with no broken links. The website should also be mobile-friendly so that a wide variety of devices can be used to access it. Images and videos can be inserted into web pages to make them more engaging and interactive for visitors.

Users often leave websites if they face poor loading speed, so performance optimization is also an important factor in maximizing usability. Straightforward navigation menus (or content organization for single-page sites) are also key when it comes to usability. When a website focuses on usability, it creates an easy, comfortable, helpful experience for visitors.

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