What is a User Interface?

User Interface (UI) refers to the point where humans and computers interact and communicate on a web page, device, or app. UI is an element of web design that focuses on how a user will engage with a website.

More About User Interfaces

A good User Interface includes aesthetic, functional elements that meet the needs of the website and its visitors. UI designers develop a host of elements such as buttons, icons, colors, and fonts to make a website as user-friendly as possible. These designers have to anticipate users’ needs and create an interface that fulfills them through visuals, accessibility, responsiveness, and efficiency.

User Interface is often confused with User Experience (UX). However, UX is the reaction that users have after engaging with a user interface. It describes human behavior or emotion after using a web page. A well-functioning UI will usually lead to a positive user experience. UI and UX designers will often work hand-in-hand.

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