What is the Dashboard?

The dashboard is a WordPress user’s central hub for WordPress site management. It is the control panel for everything from publishing blog posts to managing user roles.

More About the Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard’s user interface is intuitive and beginner-friendly. Its details will vary depending on a user’s role.

However, it features a left-hand navigation menu that allows easy access to essential tasks for all users. For example, some tabs in this panel include Settings, Tools, Users, Plugins, and Posts.

From the Plugins tab, Administrators can search for, install, activate, and delete plugins. Furthermore, in the Posts tab, Authors and Editors can create and manage blog posts.

Experienced users and theme developers can access the Customizer or Editor under the Appearance tab to edit theme files or utilize full site editing. The dashboard gives you access or a pathway to most of the tasks you will need to carry out for WordPress management.

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