What is Pagination?

Pagination is a feature that enables you to break up large numbers of entries in a website over several pages. One typical example of pagination is navigating from one page to another to see more products in an online store.

More About Pagination

Pagination lets you display all of your posts on an archive page without using infinite scrolling or setting up overly long pages. With pagination, users can move from page to page, and you can choose how many posts to display on each one.

You can use pagination with other types of content besides posts. Pagination is very common in e-commerce websites, and it’s a fantastic tool if you have an extensive list of products. The same principle applies to portfolio pages with a long list of projects.

Aside from pagination, there are other features that you can use to make it easier to find specific posts. For example, search filters can help users zero in on the particular type of content they’re looking for. We recommend that you use them alongside pagination.

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