What is a User Role?

Users in WordPress can be one of six default roles: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, or Subscriber. WordPress provides a user role management system that defines what users are allowed to do on your website.

More About User Roles

After installing WordPress, the platform automatically creates an Administrator account. You can set roles for new users in Administration Screens > Settings > General.

The Super Admin role enables a user to perform every administrative task on a website. They have access to all multisite capabilities, such as creating and deleting sites, upgrading the network, and managing its users.

Administrators can access all the administrative features on a single site, like activating plugins or deleting posts. By contrast, Editors can manage posts, including those from other users.

Authors can edit and publish their own posts. Contributors can write posts but can’t publish them. Lastly, Subscribers can only manage their profiles.

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