What is WP_Query?

WP_Query is a PHP class that you can use to construct queries to the WordPress database. It enables you to customize how posts or pages are rendered on the page without writing SQL queries.

More About WP_Query

WP_Query has built-in shortcuts for customizing The Loop. Since The Loop determines how content is displayed, WP_Query can customize the appearance of web pages.

In WordPress, WP_Query is a built-in class used when a user searches your content. By implementing a custom loop with arguments, parameters, and methods, you can show users a specific group of posts without making them search for it.

Depending on your set parameters, you can pull posts from a specific category, publish date, and author name. You can even highlight your popular content by retrieving posts with high comment counts. WP_Query be helpful when you want to create a custom post type or new page display.

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