Alphabet Publishing Wins Extreme Website Makeover .SHOP Edition Giveaway from DreamHost

Alphabet Publishing Wins Extreme Website Makeover .SHOP Edition Giveaway from DreamHost

Alphabet Publishing specializes in English-language teaching materials for teachers and students. Its website was recently given a dynamic new head-to-toe redesign after the company won DreamHost’s “Extreme Website Makeover: .SHOP Edition” giveaway, offers a wide range of high-quality books and supplementary resources covering a variety of topics, from grammar and vocabulary to critical thinking and reading skills.

Alphabet Publishing’s materials are designed to help teachers create engaging and effective lesson plans, and they cover proficiency levels from beginner to advanced. The materials are also well-organized and easy to use, with clear instructions and plentiful examples and exercises to help students practice their language skills. Alphabet Publishing’s books are also designed to be flexible, so they can be adapted to different students’ specific needs and interests.

Another thing that sets Alphabet Publishing apart from other English-language teaching companies are the credentials behind its materials. The books available for purchase on its site are written by experienced English-language teachers who are working in classrooms now and who have a direct, deep understanding of the challenges that students face when learning.

Alphabet Publishing’s site also features a blog, which is a crucial asset to nearly any type of business site. The blog posts cover a variety of topics, from tips for teaching online to ideas for incorporating technology into the classroom. The teaching tips provide practical advice on everything from lesson planning to classroom management.

Alphabet Publishing was founded by teacher/writer/editor Walton Burns, who said he was excited to win a site redesign by DreamHost’s Pro Services team in its recent Extreme Website Makeover .SHOP Edition giveaway.

“It’s difficult to run a small business by yourself and wear all the hats. I don’t have time to update my website and keep up with the latest code standards and design best practices,” he said.

Burns had been hoping for a while to have professional designers update his site to improve its overall look and speed up its performance. When he won the redesign from DreamHost and began consulting with his designer, he suggested sample websites that he liked and discussed his goals for his site. He said his designer was receptive to his input and put forth terrific ideas.

Burns said that his site is much faster as a result of the makeover. Its ecommerce element has also improved significantly.

“I’ve… never been a big fan of the built-in WooCommerce themes, and the plugin [the Pro Services designers] installed, Shop Lentor, let me create a really nice-looking product page,” he said. “I look forward to learning more about it and tweaking things some more.”

Overall, Burns has been grateful for the opportunity to have new life breathed into Alphabet Publishing’s website, and he looks forward to reaping the benefits.

“I hope the faster speeds will draw more people to the site and the new look will convey that I have a serious business,” he said.

For more about Alphabet Publishing, visit its DreamHost-redesigned site here.